Green Valley Structural Inc specializes in difficult hillside foundations.  Our team of equipment operators can safely and efficiently navigate hard to reach building sites.  Whether it be steep up-slope or down slope we have the right equipment for your job.   GVS has years of hillside experience and can deliver the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective means possible to get your project out of the ground.

We offer:

Drilled pier and grade beam
Slab-on-grade systems
Conventional spread footing systems
Foundation Repair or Replacement
Foundation Underpinning
Engineered  Retaining Walls

Residential Framing

Since 2006 Green Valley Structural Inc has been carrying on a tradition of providing quality framing and carpentry services on over a hundred projects.

We have expertise in:

single and multi-family residential, 

remodeling and new construction
tenant improvements
commercial building rehab and new construction.

 Please inquire for a list of references and past project info.

Retaining Walls

Green Valley Structural Inc has been building and repairing high quality retaining walls with drainage for design professionals all over the East Bay.  As a local retaining wall contractor we understand all the city and county codes required to build a quality retaining wall that will last for years.  It all starts with a quality engineered system and our own design team can provide a solid plan set should you not have your own engineer.

Retaining walls can look nice from the front but if you don’t pay serious attention to what goes on behind and below the retaining wall, you could be in for a nasty surprise. A poorly built wall can separate, lean, or even topple causing massive property damage and all because the proper drainage system isn’t installed. 

We use a triple layered system:

Waterproof membrane
Mira-drain filter fabric
Drain Rock and sub-drain

Whether you require a new wall or a repair to an existing wall system let Green Valley Structural Inc take care of your retaining wall needs.

Drainage/ Erosion Control

Green Valley Structural Inc provides professional installation of French Drains and Foundation Drainage Systems around your home. If you’re experiencing water leaking through the foundation of your property or if water is coming through your basement walls, then you might be in need of a French Drain. Waterproofing foundations and basement walls can be done one of two ways, depending on access to the outer walls of your home.

The first and best option is to install a French Drain around the foundation and exterior basement walls of your property.

When Green Valley Structural Inc installs a French Drain, we waterproof the foundation and exterior basement walls twice.

We first apply a thick waterproof sealer to all concrete surfaces underneath the soil line. Once that dries, a waterproof rubber membrane is applied over the sealer. By doing this, we can guarantee that both the foundation and the basement walls will stay dry.

When the walls dry Green Valley Structural Inc installs perforated pipes and drain rock to the bottom of the foundation trench and directs the water to the street or storm drains.   In the case where you might have negative slope we can then install a sump system that will deliver stored water to any area you designate; away from your structure.

Green Valley Structural Inc would be happy to consult and design the best system to match your needs.